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Your dishwasher is far more disgusting than you realize… Here’s why

image 2024-07-15

I’m so embarrassed.

I don’t know how I’m going to show up to work on Monday without breaking down or looking my workmates in the eye.

We have a tradition at work where every Friday we pick someone's house and go around for drinks, games and awesome food.

This Friday it was my turn.

And for the whole week, I was bragging to everyone about how they’re going to absolutely love the meal I was going to make them. It was a recipe passed down throughout my family (it was a lasagne in case you were wondering).

It always goes down SUPER well with whoever tries it and they always ask for the recipe.

But this time it was different, and I still can’t think about it without my face turning bright red and feeling like I want to cry.

After removing some plates from the dishwasher and serving up the lasagne… The mood suddenly changed about a minute after I put the plates down in front of everybody.

One friend got a text that said they needed to leave right away.

Another said they had to get home too.

And the final friend left a little while later after making some excuse as to why he couldn’t stay and eat.

I didn’t understand what was going on, until…

What I saw next literally made me break down.


All the plates I’d served the lasagne on were filthy… I must’ve been in such a rush that I completely missed it in my excitement to get everyone their food.

There were dried and hard bits of food around the underside of the plate, they smelled like mildew and on one plate I even saw what looked like some kind of mold.

And when I picked the plates up they were super greasy…

(I brought them out using an oven glove so I didn’t notice.)

No wonder my friends made their excuses and left… I would have done the same.

Because who wants to eat from a disgusting plate that is not only dirty but probably covered in germs and bacteria too.

I threw away all the food as I was so ashamed…


Dishwashers are disgusting… Yep, yours too!

I’m still in shock at the amount of crud and rotten food that was lodged in almost every nook and cranny of my dishwasher.

And that is just the stuff that’s visible!

I can’t bear to even think about all the invisible germs, mold and bacteria that are smothering every single dish I put in there too.

You should not only fear bacteria and mold - what about the food waste and muck too?

Dishwashers are built in such a way that it is hard to see if they are perfectly clean or not with so many dark nooks and crannies that you’d need a flashlight to properly see.

After I got over feeling sorry for myself… I knew this was a problem I needed to fix fast.

I was way too embarrassed to ask anyone in person if this happens to them… So I went online and started searching.

It turns out that this is a pretty common problem for people with dishwashers.

That made me feel a bit better… But I still needed a solution.

I saw one comment talking about how it isn’t just the detergent you use to clean your dishes you need to worry about.

But also it’s the cleanliness of your dishwasher too that makes the biggest impact.

They recommended Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets which are a simple and easy-to-use solution to the dirtiness and grime that is constantly accumulating inside your dishwasher.

I thought why not… I’m going to give them a try.

And here’s what I discovered

Fuugu solves all of the mentioned problems at once. It is effort-free, only takes 1 cycle per month to keep the dishwasher clean for a month’s duration, and is a safe solution to the accumulated filth in your dishwasher.

Using Fuugu dishwasher tablets is a no-brainer because let’s be honest… Cleaning the dishwasher is extremely disgusting and difficult work. No one really wants to do it.

And when it does need a clean we tend to put it off constantly.

After using Fuugu I no longer have to worry about:

  • Friends and family eating off dirty, greasy plates that smell bad
  • Mold growth inside the dishwasher contaminating everything that I wash
  • Hard water and limescale damaging my dishes and dishwasher
  • A dishwasher infested with bacteria that could cause illness
  • Putting the dishes and cutlery on more than one cycle because they’ve not been cleaned well enough

If you have not been paying extra close attention to the condition of your dishwasher, these are the things you should be aware of too.

But I highly recommend you give Fuugu dishwasher tablets a try. Because I can now focus on enjoying myself and not experiencing major embarrassment due to filth, grime, and dirt.

Should I try Fuugu For Myself?


Why worry about the things you cannot see if you can simply use a dishwasher tablet to take care of them for you?

Don’t ever worry about bacteria or mold contamination on your freshly washed dishes and cutlery again.

Check availability now by clicking here.

You’ll be so amazed by the shiny new look of your dishes and cutlery you’ll wonder why you didn’t try Fuugu sooner!

Note: Ever since a number of stories (including mine) about people's experiences using Fuugu dishwasher tablets, they have been selling out!

If you wanna learn more about Fuugu dishwasher tablets, then click below!

UPDATE Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - Ever since Fuugu was featured online, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in its product that they are now offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee1 and are offering 70% discount for the readers of this article while supplies last. To see if they are still available click the button below.

Why get Fuugu

Still undecided about Fuugu dishwasher tablets? Here are a few ways they can help you improve your life:

  1. Cleans what you can't see: your machine's tub, racks, pump and valve, drain and recirculation hoses. Thoroughly cleans the filter, hidden parts, spray arms, pumps and hidden or vital parts;
  2. Keeps your machine sparkly;
  3. Works in all sizes and types of dishwashers;
  4. Powers away limescale and mineral buildup;
  5. Easy to use tablets;
  6. Removes hard water stains from your glass dishes and cutlery (as well as the insides of the dishwasher);
  7. Fuugu tablets are biodegradable.



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